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I'm a mid twenty aged woman. I love music, food, history, games, anime and other random things. I tend to be shy, quiet, and reserved. Observe things before I get involved, keeps being hurt to a minimum. I'd prefer to not get mixed up in others affairs unless it affects me because it just isn't my business. I am easily amused by some of the weirdest things and I like to laugh with, makes things less stressful. I'm fairly easy to please, once people whose chose to get to know me and what I'm actually like. I half the time I love to daydream, fantasy allows me to get away from the things that bother me. In my spare time I like to write fanfiction but haven't found the opportunity to do so as of late. -Comment to be added

For the majority of us, the past is a regret, the future an experiment. - Mark Twain

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